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Who We Are

The Friendly Sons is a social organization of men of Irish ancestry and affinity. The purpose of this association is to provide an opportunity for its members to meet in a spirit of comradeship for the common purpose of promoting, cultivating, celebrating and preserving interest in Irish arts, literature, history and culture.

The organization is non-political and non-sectarian. Since our first meeting at Rod’s Ranch House, Convent Station, NJ, on March 14, 1982 the organization has grown to include three-hundred active members.

Where We Are

The Friendly Sons are individuals who live and/or work in Morris County, New Jersey area. Membership also includes individuals from throughout the country who have moved from Morris Country or who have visited family or friends in our area.

What We Do

Our organization and all events are run for and by our members. Monthly meetings are held which promote Faith, Heritage and Fellowship. Events are designed with a focus on activities of interest to our members, along with spouses, family or friends.

As fathers, husbands and citizens we understand the importance of supporting events and charities that contribute to the greater good of our families, our fellow members and our community and friends.

As a social organization. The Friendly Sons has presented many events enjoyed by fellow members, thier ladies, families.